Investment Policy Development

There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach to investing, and your investment policy should be as unique and dynamic as your institution. Working together to identify your organization’s specific needs, LAMCO can help you design and implement an investment policy to effectively power, strengthen and exceed your institution’s investment objectives.

Asset Allocation Strategy Design

You have set specific goals for your institution’s investment objectives—we can help you achieve them. By identifying globally diverse investment opportunities to balance, grow and protect your institution’s investment portfolio, we can help mitigate risks while striving towards long-term asset sustainability.

Investment Manager Selection

When it comes to tailoring investment portfolios, our team works with institutions and endowments to ensure a perfect fit. Selecting investment managers is a crucial step in setting your investment strategy up for success. At LAMCO, we have the in-house resources, broad-ranging expertise and proven experience required to guide your institution towards the right choices.

Portfolio Evaluation And Oversight

At LAMCO, we understand that your institution’s investment portfolio is only as strong as its ability to achieve your long-term objectives. Through detailed evaluations of your portfolio’s performance, a keen oversight of its progress, and an awareness of ever-changing market conditions, we can help you make any adjustments necessary to stay on track to meeting and exceeding your objectives.