Designing, Implementing And Improving Your Plan’s Investment Lineup

Few aspects of a retirement plan have as direct an impact on participant assets, or carry as much fiduciary risk, as the investment lineup. LAMCO’s prudent investment management process will guide you through designing, implementing, and continuously improving your plan’s investment lineup.

Our services begin by drafting an Investment Policy Statement, which serves as the blueprint for building a sound, customized investment lineup and maintaining a steady course moving forward. From there, our in-house research team will implement our tested and proven process, based on comprehensive quantitative and qualitative criteria, to help you select the right managers for your plan. In doing so, LAMCO can act in one of two capacities with regards to your organization’s retirement plan.

3(38) Investment Manager – Fiduciary

By retaining LAMCO as your plan’s 3(38) Investment Manager, plan sponsors delegate the liability and responsibility for the plan’s investment lineup, and only remain responsible for the decision to retain LAMCO as a plan fiduciary. This offers you the maximum amount of fiduciary protection for your plan’s investments available under ERISA.

3(21) Investment Advisor – Co-Fiduciary

For plan sponsors wishing to only delegate partial responsibility to us, LAMCO can act as a co-fiduciary. In this capacity, LAMCO provides the same level of due diligence and oversight of the investment options, however the plan sponsors retain the decision-making authority and the fiduciary responsibility for those decisions.