Empowering Participants To Meet Retirement Goals

The retirement income gap in the United States is currently estimated to be $6.6 trillion, causing many to believe that 401(k) plans have failed to prepare people to retire. Studies show that the number one barrier to participants joining a plan is a lack of understanding.

LAMCO’s participant education programs are designed to help overcome this lack of understanding and empower participants to achieve their retirement goals. By taking the time to assess the financial acumen of your employees and delivering easy to understand programs, we’re able to create an engaged and educated participant pool, which directly contributes to your plan’s success. From the first steps of enrollment through asset allocation and long-term planning, our team works as one with yours to maximize your organization’s retirement readiness.

Enrollment Support

The first step can often be the hardest, however it’s been proven that once a participant has enrolled in the plan, they are likely to remain enrolled throughout their employment. Understanding this, your retirement plan team will help make the enrollment process as simple and stress-free as possible for participants. We provide engaging, customized presentations and materials targeted to the unique demographics of your plan to keep them informed and aware of their plan’s details.

Onsite and Online Meetings

Our customized education and enrollment programs are delivered onsite or online by our dedicated education staff—we do not rely on providers for education support. We have found that consistency is important in creating trust between the participants and the education staff. Therefore, your plan will be assigned a single education coordinator who will get to know your staff and their unique needs.

In between meetings, support from your education coordinator is always within reach. Should your participants have questions, they can call us directly and speak to someone they are already familiar with, rather than having to try to reach a call center for your provider.

Individual Guidance

Retirement planning decisions can be overwhelming and many participants are not comfortable speaking about their finances in group sessions. We offer your participants one-on-one meetings with your education coordinator to discuss their personal situations and needs in a private and comfortable environment.