Helping You Manage All Aspects of Your Retirement Plan

Efficient and smooth plan operations are critical to the success of your retirement plan. LAMCO’s retirement plan experts have the skills and resources needed to ensure your plan is managed as effectively as possible, and support your organization throughout each stage of the planning process.

It’s All About Plan Design

A successful retirement plan starts with a great design. A plan with outdated or inefficient features will cause manual step outs, which leads to errors. Our expert team will evaluate your plan design to determine if there are any areas of improvement. They will then evaluate your plan’s operation to make sure it is consistent with documents, review final work product of the plan’s vendors to identify the best solutions and design an annual plan calendar to serve as a reference point for all plan activity throughout the year.

Help on Demand

In any plan, questions always come up. One of the most frustrating parts of running a plan can be just trying to get an answer to those questions. Is this really a qualified hardship? Is this QDRO correct? What’s the best way to correct this document error?

Plan sponsors tell us that clear guidance and answers to plan questions are often hard to come by. That’s why we’ve created our Plan Answer Desk, through which our team of experts will answer any question about your plan, quickly and completely.

Audit Support

Audits are never fun, but they are manageable. Our team will help you with your annual audit process to ensure compliance and coordinate all of your vendors with your auditor.