William F. Hamer

Financial Consultant/Manager, Educational Services

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

One of the largest barriers to getting employees to participate in a retirement plan is a lack of understanding, specifically when it comes to investment choices. Bill’s specialty and ultimate objective is breaking down these barriers through financial education.

Whether it’s in a group meeting or a one on one information session, Bill’s aim is to convey 3 simple yet key messages—why it is important to save for retirement, how to maximize the benefits in the plan, and how to determine the best way to allocate assets.

By first helping participants understand why they need to save for retirement and then guiding them through the process of how to save, Bill has helped thousands of participants find their way to a more comfortable retirement.

Bill also believes that employers need to look beyond just enrollment education and promote financial wellness on a larger scale. Using LAMCO’s Road to Retirement financial literacy series, Bill educates participants on financial matters outside the scope of their retirement plan, increasing their financial wellness and confidence.

Bill joined LAMCO in September 2001 and was an independent Financial Advisor with American Express Financial Advisors prior to becoming part of our team. William graduated from the University of Southwestern Louisiana.