Looking Beyond Numbers to Build Security


Known for surpassing our roles as wealth and investment advisors, we were approached by a client facing several obstacles, both financial and personal. With an ailing husband, this client needed help budgeting her expenditures to ensure her financial future was sound, but also that she wasn’t sacrificing her current wellbeing for future financial security. We were challenged to look beyond numbers to not only build a sound financial plan, but also build emotional security and stability.


Her portfolio had been too aggressively positioned with her previous advisor and, as a result, her investments had suffered larger than expected losses. We repositioned her portfolio to reduce her risk and improve tax efficiency, and designed reporting that allowed her to feel in control of her portfolio.

We helped our client analyze her cash flow needs and identify areas for potential savings, listening to her as she explained the lifestyle she wanted and translating those goals, wishes and desires into an actionable plan. LAMCO built a support structure around her that allowed her to have her questions answered quickly and accurately by a tight-knit team of professionals she could trust, pacifying her anxiety with sound strategies and proven solutions.


Private wealth management is about more than just dollars and cents—it’s about understanding and truly caring about the financial and emotional wellbeing of our clients. For this particular client, LAMCO transcended the role of financial advisor, instead acting as a trusted and experienced sounding board for everyday life decisions, financial and otherwise. We were successful in helping our client stay on course through health and family challenges, understanding both the financial and emotional impact of these obstacles.