Working Together to Build a Successful Strategy


Facing unique challenges and working towards specific goals, building a successful institutional investment strategy requires a thorough understanding of what success looks like for these organizations. Our client had a clear vision of where they wanted to be financially, and the resources to make that vision a reality, however, they lacked a sound strategy.


LAMCO became actively involved in our client’s strategic planning process, which included understanding their organization at a granular level. We became familiar with the opportunities that existed, the challenges they faced, and the risks, both near-term and long-term, that could derail their plan.

LAMCO participated as an advisor to their strategic planning committee and worked with their other strategic advisors to develop a customized investment strategy that addressed short-term risks and focused on long-term opportunities.

We developed a bucketed approach, with each bucket targeting a unique investment objective and possessing different risk, return and liquidity parameters. The allocation amongst the buckets was determined not by investment metrics but by business success metrics unique to their institution, allowing the strategy to be adjusted as their needs and/or business risks change.


The investment structure LAMCO helped develop was presented to their strategic planning committee, investment committee and board, and received unanimous approval. By seeking the professional advising of our experienced team, our client took the first step in making their desired future success a reachable reality.